Investigate current regulations in place

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 Investigate current regulations in place
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do presentaion on this topic “drug markets and consumers” under the general topic of Medical Industries. The topic is broad, so I suggest you deal with  this specific questions:(2) drug marketing to physicians (practices of drug sales representatives and the consequences for consumers); and there is 6 steps to do the persentaion 

  1. (1)  Start with the week’s required readings. Focus on those pieces of evidence and/or arguments that are important for understanding how to formulate or evaluate health policy in your case study area. the required reading is attached
  2. (2)  The second step is to investigate current regulations in place, both at the state and federal levels. Most agencies have published this information on their websites.
  3. (3)  Then, using library databases, such as JSTOR, Lexis-Nexis and Medical Sciences (ProQuest), find at least one relevant research article on that issue and at least one relevant news story that take issue with, illustrate or extend the issues and arguments provided in the reading. Keep track of the citations and provide that list to the instructor.
  4. (4)  Develop a presentation to the class explaining key concepts and major issues in that subject area based on your readings. Summarize main arguments, being careful to identify key policymakers on this issue as well as their claims as to the major problems and solutions.
    •   Organize your presentation in such a way that your summary of the key issues in your case study link to ideas from the required readings for that week.
    •   Approach your presentation by asking “What are the issues in this case study?” and “what social factors affect these conditions?”
    •   Be succinct in your report: Don’t spend a lot of time and space recapping readings page by page. Your presentation to the class (at least 12 to15 minutes) should focus on telling us what is important in order to understand the issue and summarize those points for your readers.
    •   Use of PowerPoint is not required.
  5. (5)  Follow up your overview with a series of discussion questions (about 4-5) for the class to consider in

    terms of potential public policy issues. Discussion should be a minimum of 20 minutes.

  6. (6)  Turn in your list of references to instructor the night of the case study.

    here is a website to find sources about the topic as sources


    “prescription drug cost 3”

    “direct to consumer advrtising”

    onlin resources hanout


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