NURS6250 Ageing And Health

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NURS6250 Ageing And Health
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Online Discussion & Debate

Each student will receive an assessment for their responses on the 2 Online Blogs in Blackboard.

Your responses and interactions must be informed by professional experiences and the scholarly literature.

You discussed in the last Blog whether older people in your practice are healthy.

Blog asks you to reflect on your work as a registered nurses in a nursing home.

Pick at least one area of functional support for older people. Then answer the following question: What strategies do your use to encourage (or to support) functional wellness in older people?

This Blog is designed to help older people function well.


Registered nurses need to develop strategies to improve their practice and have the fundamental techniques to provide healthcare to patients.

It is my responsibility as the hospital’s chief nurse to provide quality care for patients with advanced illnesses.

A personalized approach has been created to assess the patient’s cognitive history, their progression in the disease and their willingness to follow the care plan (Mentes Salem & Phillips 2017, 2017).

It is important for nurses to ensure that patients are taken care of by looking after their nutrition and diet.

A nurse coordinates the regular checkups of patients in the elderly groups.

They collaborate with their families and organize monthly assessments of their patients to assess their progress.

With the increase in the ageing population, there are many challenges for society members, which includes the government and families as well as the business community and the healthcare providers.

These are both for those who are older and who have chronic conditions, and those who are just starting to age.

Senior patients need to be provided with the best healthcare possible by registered nurses.

Nursing scientists carry out the research necessary for evidence-based practice. This is to improve the clinical care as well as the quality of life for older people.

Slowly aging people have many physiological characteristics.

As we age, our skin becomes thinner, more dry, and looser. Fine wrinkles can also be found on the skin.

As we age, our skin’s nerve endings also decline. This results in a decrease in sensations (Olson et. al.

Pressure sores often develop in the elderly.

Although nursing facilities are able to make some efforts to reduce the likelihood of pressure sores, skin tears and bruises, they can’t prevent all of them from ever happening.

Patients with preexisting conditions like diabetes, cancer, or infections are at higher risk.

Skin tear and bruises can be caused by high levels of mobility.

In this age group, the bowel bladder inconsistency is also common.

The following are the actions registered nurses will take to promote healthy aging.


Journal of Transcultural Nursing 28(1), 79–97.

Learning about the experience of living in chronic conditions: A framework analysis by nursing students’ reflections on conversations with older adults.

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