PUBHLTH1003 Communication For Health Sciences

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PUBHLTH1003 Communication For Health Sciences
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Assessing web-based resources for health information.

Evaluate each of the four online health information resources.


In the past 20 years, health care requirements have changed drastically. Therefore, it is crucial for people to be informed about changing health needs and to adopt appropriate health promotion and preventative behaviors to meet these needs.

This is because the awareness of the public regarding health promotion behaviors and preventative activities is still at a very early stage.

Research studies have found that the greatest risk factor for health is ignorance and insufficient understanding of the health promotion and prevention behaviors.

It is important to note that there are many non-communicable illnesses that can be prevented or managed by simply following some simple promotional and health prevention behaviors (Mayer and colleagues).

However, it is important to note that not all levels of health literacy are equal. This is reflected in the quality of the promotion and prevention behavior for health that is displayed by the different socioeconomic strata.

Many websites providing health information have attempted to fill the gap between literacy levels and improve knowledge and understanding across all segments of society.

White et al.

However, it can be very difficult to communicate information effectively to different socio-economic groups.

This assignment will examine the efficiency and effectiveness four health information communication websites and compare them across various parameters.

Website One

The campaign was launched to combat the growing obesity epidemic in all age groups.

Change4life was an initiative by the NHS and the Food facts website. The website had the vision and mission of creating a healthier society.

The website’s main focus was on obese families or those at high risk of becoming obese (

It is clear that the increasing rates of childhood and adolescent obese have been alarmingly high for UK citizens. This is largely due to poor eating habits, as well as the increased use of unhealthy and junk food items in the diet.

This website is the social media marketing platform for the NHS’s change4life campaign. However, it is only a tool to help the public eat healthy and maintain a healthy weight (Choices 2013,).

You will find different sections on the website. These include recipes, information, activities, and how your child is doing. Each section focuses upon different aspects of healthy eating and obesity prevention.

The food facts section gives information to the entire family, especially the mothers, about the different ingredients of daily food items as well the potential risks or benefits.

It can be very hard to maintain a healthy diet. The food fact section of this website helps mothers to identify the nutritional value of food items and help them create a diet that maximizes their nutritional benefits.

You can also learn about the complicated negative side effects of particular foods so the moms know what is best for their family.

The next section contains recipes that will allow mothers or homemakers to create new healthy recipes for their family, while also keeping the diet in line with healthy eating guidelines.

Healthy weight and activities are also included. This section provides invaluable information to help mothers monitor healthy growth and developmental speed of their children (Gee 2017, Gee 2017).

Looking at the various parameters of a web-based resource efficiently, it is clear that the website design is very attractive and matches the target audience.

It is important to mention that the website is colorful and has attractive graphics. The navigation is also simple and easy.

The website is able to reach nearly all socio-economic segments and be easily operated. This is a crucial requirement for any website to be efficient and effective.

Language and the use of animated or funny pictures also helped the site attract the attention of over 1 million mothers who were enthusiastic and intelligently adapted to the “all eight” health plan for their children (Evans Colls, Hoerschelmann 2011).

In summary, 30% of all children around the world are at risk of becoming obese. Additionally, there are many health risks associated to being overweight.

Website two:

More than half of the global adult population is affected by substance abuse. For adolescents, the rate of addiction to drugs and alcohol is alarming.

According to a survey, nearly 22 million adolescents and young adults are affected by drug addiction.

In this context, it must be noted that the increasing risk factors for this society’s youth is due to a dearth of information and support for these young people.

This website is designed to serve as a digital communication and marketing tool for the Talk to Frank campaign. The website targets all adolescents and young adults with various levels of addiction (BBC News).

The website’s main display has a stark black background. This provides a stark visual and highlights the seriousness and graveness of this issue.

While the website’s target audience is adolescents and young adults suffering from drug addiction, the target audience for this website is much wider and includes drug addiction victims and survivors of all ages.

The website contains many sections, and there is a lot of information that covers different areas of drug abuse.

It is important to mention that this website contains information about all types of drugs and their potential harms.

The website also has sections that direct visitors to various types of help, depending on whether they are a victim or seeking help for a friend.

It’s very simple to use the website navigation.

The website has 7 sections to assist you with your addiction.

You can also call the hotline for help to victims, which offers immediate help for drug addiction victims (

The website is a huge success. It should be noted that the campaign started in 2010. In the years that followed, the campaign attracted close to 90% of young adults’ attention about addiction and how to overcome it.

At the moment, the website is trusted by more than 80% of its users. The Frank franchise is trusted by a large percentage of youth with drug related issues.

Talktofrank receives more than 3.5million calls per year and has more than 35,000,000 visits to its website. These numbers are a clear indication of the site’s success.

This web-based resource is a powerful social responsibility. It has helped to bring attention to the young drug addicted youth and to help them see the benefits of using the website.

Website Three

In this context, it is important to note that the importance and importance of family planning is immense. Youth must learn the differences in contraception and how to use them to not only avoid unwanted pregnancies but also to reduce the risk of contamination.

It is important to mention that there are many sexually transmitted infectious diseases which have led to huge life loss and contributed to diverse public health priorities.

One example is HIV infection. A recent statistic shows that the seriousness of HIV infections continues to be a concern in the world. Close to 40 million people had been diagnosed with HIV by 2016.

Not only that, but it is also important to note that nearly 5000 people acquire HIV infection every day. An alarming number of 1.2 million HIV-infected teenagers are 15 years old or younger, which indicates the severity of the situation.

It is clear that sex education and protected intercourse have reached many different parts of society.

It should be noted that many people cannot afford even the most basic protections. is the platform that has made a great effort to make condoms affordable for everyone, recognizing the importance of this issue.

This website allows residents to order condoms anonymously and is free to use.

The webpage’s layout is clean and simple.

While there are many sections that offer health information about this topic, the website’s most prominent effort to provide sufficient health information is the safe intra-sexual education section. Here visitors will find a carefully curated compilation that includes all the necessary information to have a better understanding of safe intercourse.

It should be noted that this website is intended for youth. Therefore, the website links to numerous youth support services, such as Frank, Child Line, Young Minds, and many other.

Ending on a positive note, this website has a unique but very important responsibility of informing the youth of safe intercourse, protection and to change their attitude (

Website four

The website’s vision and mission is to lower suicide rates and assist mentally impaired individuals to find their way to recovery.

The website provides 24/7 emotional support to mentally ill or suicidal people. They also offer on-site assistance to at-risk groups and communities.

It’s very simple in design and easy to use for all ages.

You will find sections that provide support for all age groups, including depressed youth. There is also a how-can-I-help you section that directs visitors to the help they need (Samaritans 2017).

It is important to note that this website’s target audience isn’t just the youth, given its effectiveness.

It is possible to say that this web-based resource caters to all age groups as well as socio-economic sections of the society.

The website brings together thousands of volunteers that provide emotional assistance for the mentally ill. In addition, they contribute to the society’s efforts to decrease the rate of suicide.

The website’s success is evident. According to statistical data, received a call for help about 6 seconds ago. This allowed them to save three lives within a matter of minutes (Howard 2017).

These data points demonstrate the incredible reach of the website. The website’s extreme success is also evident.

This website had one mission: to prevent suicide from ever happening. They also provided any support that people might need to continue their lives.

The website does provide information and support but they have not been able to change the general attitude of society towards suicide (

The web-based resources are intended to educate the public about health issues and preventive measures. This will help people understand how they can overcome stigmatization and other health problems.

Each of the four web-based resource were efficient and well-organized. The web-based resources also had a wide reach, which is a creditable.

It is important to note that these websites were able to communicate health-related information and change attitudes of the masses regarding public health priorities.

These web-based resources can help to eliminate health literacy challenges across all socioeconomic and age groups.

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