COU572 Medical Family Therapy

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COU572 Medical Family Therapy
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Part 1: Genogram, Brief Overview Of Family Of Origin

Use a Genogram and a few paragraphs to describe your family of birth.

Give a brief overview about the family and some information about your family history. Also, describe how you feel members interact on an emotional or cognitive level.

Did it make it easy for the family to talk about difficult issues?

How does the family manage conflicts?

Is it more common for people to solve problems together, or are they more independent?

Part 2 Family Of Origin Reflection

Based on your completed family genealogy and a brief overview, discuss the family of origin. Use specific examples to illustrate and analyse the following themes.

.Themes of culture, ethnicity religion, occupation, education

Transactions between family members (past or present).

(Has the pattern of communication remained consistent or changed over time?

If it has, explain how and why.

It was easy to talk about difficult topics within the family. Why?

Family values, family rules and their problems, as well as the solutions to these problems.

(Do your best to explain the origins, function and how it was maintained.

How are conflicts resolved, and do the members of the family work in a team to solve problems?


Part 1

Figure 1: Geneogram

(Source: As created and approved by Author)

The genogram shows that the family tree contains six members.

The grand-parents start the family tree.

The average age of the husband and wife is 40 and 35, respectively.

The couple has one boy and one female child.

The boy is aged 10 years, while the girl is six years.

The person’s family of origin is the primary caregiver.

The original social group may be the person’s.

A family tree shows the biological relatives of the person.

Platt and Skowron (2013) noted that experiences have a major impact on the biological background.

But, you can see the picture of a family in the above-mentioned genogram.

Both grandparents are healthy.

The children of the grand-parents are healthy.

If the grand-mother was the carrier, then the disease would be transferred to the husband.

In the case of the maternal side, the disease will transfer to the wife if the grandfather is the carrier (Rigazio DiGilio, Kang, 2015.

If the husband were the carrier, then the disease would pass to the daughter.

The disease would then be transmitted to the son by the mother.

The male would be identified by the square sign while the female would be identified by the round sign.

The sign for the carrier would be a black circle or a red circle (Sherman & Fredman 2013, 2013).

The family tree can then be considered healthy if there isn’t a carrier.

Family dynamics and experiences can have important and complicated effects on the functioning of people.

Family experiences can have negative effects on health and well-being (Lerner (2014)).

It is important to understand that the mental, emotional, and psychological behavior of family members are interrelated.

Family members need to be provided with safety and support.

They must communicate effectively and the family needs to be able to understand each other.

McGoldrick (2016). Children cannot develop properly if the husband or wife don’t understand each other.

This could affect their cognitive behavior.

In the case of grand children’s growth, it is important for the head of family (grand parents) to play an important role.

They should provide appropriate guidance for them in order to help them understand the negative and positive aspects of their daily lives and to protect themselves against harms (Cross (2014)).

There are differences between the families in terms of work, emotion and being self-sufficient. They also differ in how flexible they can be.

Healthy relationships between family members are essential to allow them to share feelings and emotions.

McVay, 2017, says that they must maintain good relationships with their neighbors, friends, and other family members.

The family therapist can be consulted if there is any concern about their family.

Part 2

Questions of Culture, Religion, Education and Occupation

Singapore was where I was raised.

My parents were the only children.

Both my parents were raised in a lower-middle class household.

But, I was born and raised differently to them.

I was raised in a higher-middle class family.

I was raised as an African-American child in the 1980s.

I was very unaware of my race and ethnicity in childhood.

My childhood was just like the rest of my peers.

I loved fast food, television, games, and watching TV.

My father, however, is of the white ethnic group, while my mother, on the other hand, is from the black ethnic community.

They came originally from New York City.

The white and black ethnicities were rivals.

Because they come from different ethnicities, their cultural backgrounds are different.

Due to family-related issues and civil rights movements, they were forced to relocate to Singapore after marriage.

I grew up inside a small apartment block in Singapore.

The playground was where street boys used to play. It was located outside our apartment.

My parents allowed me to attend an integrated school with a majority of white boys.

My parents forbid me from making friends with black people.

I watched black people more on television than I did in my social life.

My parents did not talk to me about race. I wanted to learn about the black people and to have discussions about the race and ethnicity with them, but they wouldn’t let me.

As I grew older, my loneliness increased.

I began to feel uneasy and knew that I must do many things with the ethnicity I am from.

New York has never been on our list of places to visit.

My father, who was unable conceive, was not my biological father. I learned this as I grew up.

They did not keep a record of my biological father, who had donated sperm.

I was emotionally devastated to learn the truth.

In college, I met my wife for the very first time.

My parents had no problem with my wife, as she belonged to the white ethnic group.

As my parents were different races and ethnicities, I was subject to various mental traumas during my childhood.

Transaction between Family Members

Communication was weak in my family.

Both of my parents were employed.

My parents were both working people so I was left alone at home.

They were tired after returning home and had difficulty communicating with me.

I was unable to share my emotions and feelings with my parents.

I became accustomed to living alone.

My married life was not easy.

We were not the same as our parents.

But she is the sole child of her parents.

She was born in New York.

Because of my lifestyle differences, it is difficult for me and my spouse to communicate effectively.

There is a significant communication gap between us, as I am unable to share my emotions with her.

My father, who moved from Singapore to me in 1982, started a small fruit vending company.

Two children are my current family.

Our first child, a son, is now 10 years and our daughter is just 5 years.

As a child, I was curious about my grandparents. I’ve never seen them.

Sometimes, my mother spoke of her mother as a genius who fought for civil liberties.

Because my father never shared information about his family with me, I do not know anything about my grandparents.

Miscommunication was affecting my marriage as well as my children’s lives.

My wife took me to a family therapist, who gave me medication and practical therapy.

These therapies are something I practice regularly and they have improved my communication skills.

As much as I can, I spend as much time as possible with my family, including my partner and children.

As a child, I understood that parents are the most important thing in my life.

My wife was born to poor parents.

I have never forbidden my children from making friends with black people.

I want my children to be aware of different cultures and backgrounds, which will enable them to become more knowledgeable about other cultures.

Family Values and Rules. And How to Respond To Problems.

Because my parents come from different backgrounds and classes, I faced many problems growing up.

As one parent is from the working class and belongs to the white ethnic community, the other mother is lower-middle class and belongs to the black ethnic community. This caused conflict between them.

In my childhood, I was confused over money and ethnicity.

My father’s family history was conservative, which had a huge positive impact on him.

However, my mother’s family background was more conservative.

My mother suffered a lot from my father’s involvement in affairs during my childhood.

Family protection is something I do not consider the best.

My family and my wife have many similarities but also some differences.

Together with my wife, we have decided to enroll in a social worker school to help those who need it.

I met people from the black ethnic group after joining the school.

It was this way that I was able overcome my barriers and be able to freely mix with other people without fear.

Sometimes, our children accompany us.

My spouse and I are both working people.

Our children often spend time with their grandparents when they go to work.

You need to guide them in a way that helps them to understand and protect themselves from the dangers and the positive and the negative aspects of their daily lives.

We sometimes go on short holiday trips together, which brings us all joy.

My parents sometimes join us.

Because they are not able to work, they prefer to stay at home.

It is also a joy to be able to share in the happiness of my family on family trips.

Our family has grown over the years, so we moved into a larger apartment. It is spacious and well ventilated.

Our children used the playground near our apartment to play.

My wife left her job to work for me.

I’m glad my children have a different childhood than mine, and we are able give them the space and time they need to grow.

Family Subsystem and Integrity Of Boundaries

My parents played an important role in my childhood and helped me to grow up.

Alexander (2013) state that the subsystem is one part of a large system. It is made up of individuals with different genders, interests, functions and function.

My parents never discussed race with me. I wanted information about black people, and to discuss race and ethnicity with them. They wouldn’t let me.

Gil, 2014: Marital Subsystem refers to the relationship between the couple who have been married.

The marital system is a human function that requires strong bonds between the spouses for the well-being of their children and families (Walrond Skinner 2014).

Additionally, I tried my best to provide a healthy environment for my family and children so that they can grow up in a proper way.

The future adults’ molds are the parental subsystem.

It determines the direction and structure of a household.

It is responsible for making decisions about the family and maintaining balance.

Parents have the responsibility to ensure a healthy environment in the home.

My parents played a huge part in this.

With their support, I was able to develop my skills and make the most important decisions in my own life.

My parents inspired me and helped me overcome my challenges.

I have had a positive effect on my life because of the influence of my father’s family.

After marriage, my wife had an impact on my thoughts and emotions. This helped to develop my communication skills.

Since then, I have acquired a range of communication skills including verbal, as well as non-verbal communication.

Because my parents were both working, I didn’t get enough time with them, which affected me negatively.

I’m glad my children are not the same age as mine, and we have the ability to provide enough time and space for their growth.

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