BIOLOGY 1401 Biology

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BIOLOGY 1401 Biology
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1.Biological factors provide the foundation that an individual can develop into a healthy, happy person. However, these are influenced by the environment or conditions they live in” (McMurray & Clendon (2015) p. 9).

This statement can be discussed.

2.Globalization has had a major impact on individuals and families as well communities and countries.

What impact has globalisation had on your family, community and yourself?

3. What do you mean by social determinants?

The SDH Assessment Circle: Please briefly describe it.

4. Select one of five strategies for health promotion as outlined in the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion

Building a healthy public policy

Stabilizing community action

Personal development

Reorienting the healthcare service

Discuss how the health professionals could implement the strategy you’ve chosen.

(Not less that 100 words

5.Nurse Practitioners are an increasing number of advanced-practice nurses.

What does a nurse practitioner do that is different than a registered nurse or doctor?

How is this helping the population’s health?

Why aren’t more nurses practitioners available?

6. Family health and wellbeing are the result of interactions between individuals and families and how family members interact with each other and the external world.

Briefly describe how families can affect each other’s health.

(Not more than 100 words

7.What are the major health issues facing adolescents and what obstacles exist to their accessing healthcare?

8. A 50 year-old, married man has been diagnosed with Type II diabetes.

The patient is expected to be released from hospital within 48 hours. He will be on a diabetic healthcare plan, including an injectable insulin regimen.

As a community nursing assistant, you will be responsible for coordinating the discharge home.

Discuss what strategies you would use in order to ensure continuity of care from hospital to community follow-up. Also, that he is self managing, including a health promotion program.

9. What is cultural security? And how can you determine if your cultural safety is met?

10. Mixed-method methods are more important to get the whole picture about community health.

Please explain.


1.A strong genetic condition is an important factor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Although the biological characteristic of the human body that is able to be managed and have the potential for developing diseases and infections.

A particular infection could result from the production bacteria. Other concerns could be related to the poor health and are due to the toxins or virus, flaws, or the non-disjunctions of the genetic compositions.

It could be also argued that the health of the people living in the area is a factor.

Social epidemiologists and social scientists recognized that the greater social support for human health has been evident for a longer time.

The large number of people who use alcohol and drugs together with violence could have led to many health issues.

Depression, stress and anxiety are all linked with cardiovascular diseases that affect the central nervous systems.

Scientists are concerned with the environment that has turned its focus to environmental pollution, which can cause health problems for humans.

The high levels of nitrogen oxides (sulphur oxides) and carbon monoxides found in the atmosphere have a devastating impact on the human health. They also cause skin diseases and other diseases.

2.Globalization can be a good thing for any country as it helps to develop that country.

Globalization can be a positive thing for any country. It helps to develop that country.

Globalization has a positive impact on individual development and qualification, and it can also lead to success for the family.

It can also support the positive energy and development of the entire community.

In the age of globalization, it has become much easier to have access to the Internet, a good transport system and education.

Not only is it now easy to migrate from one place into another, but communication technology has advanced greatly.

The negative consequences can lead to separation from those in the family who have not been able to accompany the individual on the journey to immigration.

The stress of moving from one area to the next in a family can lead to anxiety and stress. Relationships with the family can also be affected.

3.Social determinants for health are the factors that affect the health and well-being of every person.

The following social determinants are not possible to list:

The social gradient

Early life

Social exclusion



Social support




The SDH assessment circles focuses on 1o broad aspects.

1) Assessment prompts for natural and inherited components.

This involves the assessment of various issues, such as the birth and destruction rate, prosperity, contamination condition, and assembling in the gathering at risk.

2) Examining gender and culture, particularly gender inequalities, without paying much attention to how gender relations can be improved through a women’s- and men’s success approach.

3) Assessing the physical conditions, particularly for easy access to trademark resources.

4) Assessing people’s social conditions in relation to their homes for prosperity, peace and security.

5) Evaluate kid progress and prosperity in the zone of an adult and a mother already, at which point sometime later the child will be born.

6) Evaluation of guideline, capability to access to preparing establishments, and their relationship in gather lives.

7) To assess the business and fiscal situation with a particular true goal to find otherworldly occupations and word related injuries, and benefits of workers.

8) To analyze the relationship between gathering engagement and relational association, assess social urging events of individuals.

9) Evaluation of prosperity organizations and resources in order to identify the real organization of prosperity groups to the particular gathering

10) Assessing and adjusting prosperity, keeping in mind the ultimate goal of securing the level and quality of gathering advancement, education and care about the local resources.

4. The strategies were adopted to improve the personal skills required for health promotion.

Promotions of health support personal and social development through education, information, and the acquisition of skills.

These issues opened the door to the multitude of options available to the public for exercising more control over their health, and making healthy choices.

The development of personal skills can be implemented by health professionals. People were being empowered to learn throughout their life, and to prepare themselves for the various stages.

This allows for better functioning at home, school and work.

This process requires action from professional, educational, and commercial bodies as well as the institutions themselves.

5.Nurse practitioners are nurses with special training who can care for the patients and also prescribe when necessary.

They can examine the patients and diagnose their illness.

They are different than doctors or health professionals.

A master’s degree in Nursing is required to become a Nurse Practitioner. For Registered Nurses, however, only a bachelor’s degree suffices.

While nurse practitioners can’t replace the general practitioner, they are an option for people who live in remote communities.

They are available for primary and community care.

A prosperity specialist can ask local people to reflect on the success methods and philosophy.

They then take a copy of their procedure and execute them by exchanging and assembling input.

Once they are affirmed by the area expert as prosperity specialists, they can offer pertinent tips such as: No Grog’; No Smoking’; No Parking’;?No Drug’, Strong Diet’, and?No Domestic Violence’.

They can also put child’s shows and pictures in an area. This will tell you about the state of the area.

Only one person in every group can form and analyze information.

As such, prosperity experts have the opportunity to work with local people, who can help to understand and implement sound open systems.

6.Every family member makes a positive contribution to maintaining each other’s health.

These include informational, emotional, or instrumental support.

Marital status is one of the most powerful family relationships on health.

Marital status can have an effect on overall mortality, death from certain illnesses, and morbidity.

Married people are generally healthier than widowed individuals, who in turn are healthier than divorced or never-married individuals.

Also, divorce and separation are associated with higher mortality.

It was a paper that I found to be extremely informative, inspiring, and enlightening as a family life educator.

Family psycho-education is a key component of the classes I teach.

The classes I teach have a strong focus on understanding the effects of chronic illness on family dynamics, as well providing specific, effective problem-solving tools and coping strategies.

Family members, especially senior citizens, should seek help from others in an effort to cope with such challenges.

They can find help from the prompt society, which is one of their most important sources for fundamental wellbeing strategies and prosperity strategies.

They provide information about solid open strategy, stable situations and compelling group activity.

A valuable lesson could be learned from the experience and priority of individuals in their immediate society.

7. The following are the main health concerns that adolescents face:

Both unintentional injuries and self-injury can cause accidents and injuries.

Youth homelessness

Depression and suicide are both mental health problems.

Sexual health/Infectious diseases

Get enough exercise and nutrition.

Problems with behavior, including substance abuse.

Chronic illness.

Sexual and Physical Assault

These are the possible barriers:

Inaccessibility to purchasing data from the NHS

Regulation oversight

Complexity in intellectual property

8.Type 2 diabetes is a heterogeneous disease that can cause insulin resistance and beta cell disappointment at different levels.

Additionally, patients may have comorbidities such as hypertension, dyslipidemia, and other problems, such as myocardial death tissue.

These variables can impact the treatment decisions. However, it is important that any method used to help a patient be tailored.

This requires careful thought about the ideal glycemic goal.

A young, very heavy patient might find it justified to use forceful treatment. But this may not be the case for someone older and more fit.

Metformin, sulfonylurea Subordinates and insulin are all still essential components of strong treatment.

Last but not least, it is important to consider how to prevent and treat inconveniences like neuropathy or other related disorders, such as melancholy.

To ensure home prosperity, a framework must be created that considers his current situation. This could include his personal or family life as well as the potential for his responsibility in case of infirmity.

He could be recommended to a neighborhood group affiliation or association for assistance if he doesn’t have any family members and is not able to take insulin injectables.

You should also consider his ability to get to the nearest restorative or recuperating offices.

You should consider other options for transport such as taxi sponsorship, gathering transport or driving to these concentrations if he’s unable to drive.

To reinforce, the patient could be assisted with: creating a clever, motivational system, encouraging collaboration towards significant affiliations and coordinating people towards their mind, maintaining self-suitability, social assistance, creating skillful considering, and creating certainty.

9.Cultural safety is the best and most efficient method for a person or their family to practice nursing.

A safe environment for people that is safe from harm, both physically and spiritually.

Cultural awareness can be a key to understanding the safety of those who are culturally sensitive.

It is the basis of communication. It requires the ability to look away from us and be aware of our cultural beliefs and values.

10.Mixed-methods approaches are crucial in gaining the complete picture about the community’s health. This gives the society an overall view of the community based on its health.

Mixed methods offer a variety of perspectives, ideas and perspectives that can be used to assess the situation in a particular location.

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