GEN124 Genetics

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GEN124 Genetics
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Write about pro-feminism in this assignment


Since the beginning of time, women have been subjected in every culture to many forms of institutionalized discrimination and to extreme intolerance.

It is not wrong for women to be able to vote or enter a religious place, and to have access health care and education.

Since the beginning of time, women have been subjected sexist social injustices.

All forms and types of inequality, injustice, and intolerance need to be eradicated from society.

Pro feminist means to be committed to fighting the oppression and injustice of women in society.

It’s about being sensitive to the experiences of women, and focusing one’s attention on their concerns (Lopez (2014)).

Pro-feminist men, on the other hand, are those who actively support the cause for women in society and promote equality of genders (Lopez 2014).

Men who are pro-feminists may be involved in political activism.

One of their main areas of involvement is in the fight against violence in men. They organize workshops that combat sexual harassment in the workplace, run campaigns to educate the community and counsel men who have committed violence on women.

They are also involved in research and promotion of gender equality, as well as promoting the health and wellbeing of men.

This work often takes place in collaboration with feminists or service centres dealing with domestic violence and rape (Daly 2016).

Others men who are profeminists don’t participate in public campaigns. However, they commit to women empowerment by adopting an egalitarian lifestyle.

They are more respectful towards women at work, home and in general (Messner 2016).

Pro-feminists tend to be more sensitive to the issues faced by women.

They recognize that women have been oppressed, ineligible, and subject to injustice since time immemorial. They strive to change this.

Men who believe in equality for women and men who are pro-feminisms in nature agree with this.

Women should have equal access to all opportunities, including jobs.

Pro-feminist men are for a society where no one is discriminated against based on their gender, castes, classes, religion, or other factors.

They want a just, equal society (Messner 2016,).

Men play an important part in the transformation of gender relations that was started through women’s movements.

The transformation of society and the minds of individuals is made possible by pro-feminist males.

Pro-feminists men can make a difference in creating a better world by taking up issues on gender equality, gender justice, and a political goal.

Gyn/ecology. The metaethics behind radical feminism.

Male+ Feminism. Why Men Have A Stake in Racial & Gender Equity.

There are two sides to the story of men’s gender political: Men’s rights and feminist allies.

International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, 5(2), pp. 6-20.

Feminism for men.

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