Cost Leadership

Assignment Task:  Select an industry to analyze. Identify four different companies.  One for each of Porter’s four competitive strategies. How many different kinds of differentiation strategies can you find?


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Cost Leadership
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Cost Leadership:


Cost Focus:

Differentiation Focus:

After you have identified the companies for each of the four competitive strategies, prepare your slide presentation and address the following prompts.

·         Identify the industry that you selected and the companies.

·         Provide an overview of Porter’s four competitive strategies.

·         For each type of competitive strategy, explain what the strategy is in detail and then explain why the company is an example of that kind of differentiation strategy.

·         At the end of the presentation, create a slide that describes whether you found Porter’s methods useful for analyzing that industry or if you think another method to analyze differentiation would be more helpful.

Follow this presentation except use the  business examples I listed. To make it easy, you can talk about Amazon, Walmart, Apple, Microsoft. Need 9-12 slides. You can reword the slides that discuss Porters Four Competitive Strategies. Be sure to address all the prompts for each company listed!!!

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