Frequently asked questions

We are totally confidential in all our dealings. Your partnership with us is only known by the admin. On joining us, you will be asked to register and use the contacts that are provided by the system. Your email and phone number can only be retrieved by the admin and not even the support or quality assurance can get them.
We are located in the United States of America. Our Support team mainly comes from London and USA. We hire writers from all over the world even though the majority comes from USA, Britain and Australia.
It is very safe to submit payments through our site. We use PayPal that is properly integrated to give user-friendly and safe transactions. You will pay to our PayPal and not directly to our site.
We offer cheap and affordable essay writing to suit everyone in the society. This does not mean that our service is of low quality. The best tutors are located in our site for you. Nevertheless, assignment that are of high academic level are charged more due to the research that is needed and the type of writer that will handle that homework.
Yes! If you are not satisfied by our write-up, you can dispute the work from our writer but will be required to give a reason of filing the dispute. The Quality Assurance Team will then review the dispute and try to solve it accordingly. If the paper will be seen not to be good according to your claim, your money will be refunded and the paper canceled. The paper will then be marked as the writers’ content and uniqueness disappears.
When filling the form? You will be given a choice to select the best writer according to your past experience. The system will automatically give you the list of writers that are hired to complete the kind of paper that you select. This service will charge you an extra cost of $5. If you do not select a specific writer, the support we try to find the best that is available to complete the assignment.
All our papers are free from plagiarism. The writers are regularly monitored and their work checked for originality by the support department. You own the original content, our work is to write what you want us to but keep all the rights of usage to you.
We offer many writing formats that are available for writing. You are the determinant of the format that you want your paper to be written in. Make sure you select the paper format when filling the form and our writer will follow that.