Theoretical formulations

Create a theory-based instructional presentation (PPT) The theory-based presentation should be designed to instruct the other class members about the theory as it relates to the couple (conceptualization). The class presentation will be 30-minutes and should be a comprehensive presentation that includes information on:

a.       theoretical formulations

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Theoretical formulations
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b.       assumptions about normal couple development or functioning

c.        development of behavior disorders

d.       goals of therapy

e.        techniques

f.         role of the therapist

g.       evaluation of the therapy from a multiculturalism and anti-dominate perspective

Handouts that delineate information on the highlights of the above categories should be included as part of the presentation for the purpose of providing references for colleagues to use in future couple counseling experiences.

In addition, presenters may also include demonstration vignettes of various approaches or techniques, additional handouts such as journal articles, presentations of video or audio clips that best illustrate important concepts, and visuals that may make the material being presented easier to understand.


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